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Beauty, Safety, and Inclusion on W 103rd Street

A DOT street redesign + improvement plan to create a pedestrian-friendly corridor and Open Street on W 103rd between Riverside Park and Central Park. More info ›

Department of Transportation’s Street Improvement Plan

Safety – Beauty – Inclusion

Before + After
The above “Before and After Images” are photosimulations. Often referred to as “photosims,” they are a visual communication technique using Photoshop software. Urban designers use this software to better visualize planned changes to streets and public spaces. The imagery you see here was developed by the urban planning and design firm, Street Plans. Each one shows a real location along West 103rd Street and accurately depicts the material, striping, and street beautification changes within the New York City Department of Transportation’s West 103rd Street Improvement Project. The expanded pedestrian areas, shown in tan, will slow traffic, provide additional public seating, and bring additional plantings to beautify the street. As such, these street improvements will allow the existing metal barricades to be removed from the street.

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We are grateful to the many community partners, neighbors and volunteers that keep Park to Park thriving. From helping us place barricades, to facilitating art activities- volunteers and our community are the heart of our open streets success!